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Stop Feeling Stuck, Miserable and Unfulfilled

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A community of epic women prioritizing themselves Again. Never sacrifice your physical, psychological, or spiritual health. Start achieving goals like never before.

Hey Lady, 

Are you burnt out? 

Do you feel stuck in your health, relationship, career, or within yourself?

If you find yourself asking... “ Is this it? 

Is this how I’m supposed to live for the rest of my life?”

Then keep reading as this might be the most important letter you ever read. 

I’m going to tell you why you’re stuck and how to break free so that you can start flourishing in your life!

The Truth Will Set you free

What I’m about to share could be the key to you never feeling “stuck” again. 

Before I continue, realize that what I’m about to say will either resonate with you at a deep level..

Or it will offend you and you may think “


But trust me, this truth will set you FREE..



This brutal truth here has changed my life and thousands of others.

I’ve been that woman. 

Overworked, overwhelmed, and disconnected. 

My daily “chaos” as a mother, wife, and employee kept me so ridiculously pre-occupied that I had essentially given up any hope on working on personal goals and dreams ever again. 

Here’s what I had to come to grips with. 

NO ONE WAS FORCING ME to live this way. I was choosing it.

No one was making me stay complacent, unorganized, unhealthy, and unfulfilled. 

I continuously CHOSE to live this way because of the bad habits I created for so long.

Blaming someone else, or something else, was keeping me stuck and at a constant “dead end.”

It might sounds counterintuitive but when you realize that you’re the one doing the choosing.. 

You also realize that you’re in control and if you’re in control then you have the option to choose something different for yourself. 


Some women believe that the “cards of life” they are dealt, are the cards they’ll have to play for the rest of their life. 

They believe that you should just accept things as they are because you can’t really change or control them. 

Choosing to play safe, small, and average.
Some women believe you need to “just be grateful” for what you have and where you are...

I disagree. 

Although, there are certain things in life we can’t control..weather, people, the past. 

Our Super Power is that we can choose a life of abundance! 

We can choose to have a bangin’ body, stellar mindset, have meaningful relationships, a kick-ass career, we can choose to be wonderfully wealthy and we can choose to live our life filled with purpose, passion, and clarity! 

We never have to sacrifice what makes us happy. 

The women that accept this are experiencing the freedom they always wanted!

See for yourself...


People who see me today, they see my family and they see the life I’ve built with my husband. 

They think it’s a life out of a movie! 

The truth is, it wasn’t always like this. 

The woman you see today in NOT the same woman just a few years ago. 

I spent 5 years in the Army, including a tour to Afghanistan in 2011-12. 

Without getting into too much detail, I experienced some traumatic events that still affect me today. 

Coming back from war as a 20 year old and in a marriage that I knew was not what I wanted for the rest of my life... I felt stuck and unfulfilled. 

Soon after, I experienced the heart wrenching devastation of losing my little brother Jeff and a year and a half later my father, Joel. 

Battling between PTSD, a divorce, and the loses of my family. 

I realized very quickly that I was faced with 2 choices. 
Army War Veteran, personal trainer, mindset coach, powerlifter, online entrepreneur, wife and mother
• Let life get the best of me. 
• Let me get the best of life. 

Hiring coaches, weightlifting, and discovering my “super power” -- CHOICE. 

I choose to create a healthy mindset, lifestyle, and body that worked best for me. 

When I chose to stop playing f*cking average, and approach life proactively. 

My health, kids, husband, and career..were all exactly where I wanted them to be. 

That’s when I founded and created Lethal Ladies in October 2021. 

And if you choose to join us, prepare to change your entire future! 



    Your life becomes what you do-- everyday! 

    No just what you ‘sometimes’ do. 

    Mothers, wives, sisters, strong women..are rolling up their sleeves and finally committing to their future and no longer putting their wants and needs on the backburner. 

    When you commit to living a Lethal Lady lifestyle you’re committing to your short-term and long-term goals, personal growth, whole health, and committed to discipline. 

    We show up every day for ourselves, we show up better for our families, our community, and our world. 

    Life’s too short to not be in the driver’s seat. 

    Join me and the rest of our epic sisterhood as we SLAY through life..and cheer you on every step of the way! 
    90 Days to re-create a more productive, healthy, and flourishing life. Commit to long-term and short-term goals that are perfect for you. 
    Missions to amplify, excite, and expand your way of life. Trying new, practical things has never been more exciting! 
    Epic Women's Community. Our team is filled with the most badass, authentic, and positive women on the planet! No matter where you are on your journey the Lethal Ladies have your back!


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      • 24/7 Access to Lethal Ladies Community. Stay connected, stay accountable, and cheer on the other ladies as they navigate through their personal journey!  
      • Weekly Coaching Call. Increase your success by joining the Lethal Ladies weekly accountably call for a more in-depth transformation. 
      • ​Healthy Habits. You’ll have access to healthy habits, workouts, and nutritional advice our community shares with one another weekly. 
      • ​Boot Camps. Retreats.  Exclusive access to our yearly retreats and bootcamps so that you can meet the ladies in person and transform together!